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    Genius introduces a new wireless optical mouse - Traveler 6000. Simple and handy, it improves your daily working efficiency and is suitable for either hand. Featuring a precision 1200 dpi optical engine, Traveler 6000 provides great cursor movement control for browsing documents or Internet pages.

    traveller 6000
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    The latest office keyboard from Genius Ė KB 380 integrates a calculator and Internet phone function. In the office you can use KB 380 to handle your PC work, easy transmit calculator data to Word, Excel or Power Point. You can browse the Internet and the backlight of the LCD display on the KB

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    New version for NetScroll Eye A new package with an additional choice for NetScroll Eye---- NetScroll 120 is available now. It is easy to use in either hand and easy to install. NetScroll 120 says Genius quality and is designed to meet your needs. Three colors to choose from - black, white and meta

    NetScroll 120
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    Donít be limited by a power adapter, Genius releases cute mini speakers, SP-U115, whose power is supplied through a USB port from a desktop/notebook. They use 50mm speaker drivers for loud and clear sound performance for a total of 1.5 watts RMS. Four glossy front covers to choose from: shiny

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    Genius now presents its latest headband headset, HS-500X, for making it easier to have a conversation on the Internet. HS-500X is great for chatting on MSN, Skype and other Internet chat programs.

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    LuxePad 9100 is a brand new Bluetooth keyboard from Genius that brings you more convenience when youíre using your tablet PC with Android 3.0+, iPad series, or Windows 7/XP/Vista.